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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Christmas Tree LED Pixel - WS2811 / T-1000S / Arduino Nano

I decided in 2015 to develop a few light effects for my outside Christmas Tree running on a T-1000S controller with WS2811 pixel leds. I wanted to produce some effects that were more pretty and less tacky and these were the result of a few evenings work.

The tree was setup on a 5ft tree using 150 leds. This version is no longer used since I have no moved to using an Arduino Nano v3 allowing me to generate more effects dynamically in realtime with 400 or less pixel leds @ 20fps. The Arduino source code will hopefully be shared soon.

I have decided to share the source files for the T-1000S. These are limited to the WS2811 based string lights with a maximum of 256 leds connected running @ 20fps.

Please give credit where you use these light effects.

Download Zip -