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Friday, 10 June 2011

LScript - Modeler_Snap

LScript (Modeler) to snaps points in different ways to other points. It can align points in linear, either side of currently selected points or by making points snap to there nearest neighbour a set distance away.

Compatible with Newtek LightWave 9.6 and above.

Download (.lsc)
Download - sourcecode (.ls)


  1. Hi. I'm trying out this script, and I was not sure how it works. I have 3 points that I want to line up into a "straight" alignment in 3d space. Is this possible? Do I deselect the X, Y, and Z axis?

  2. just deselect the axis you don't want. make sure the first selected point is the point you want to align with, all other points selected after will then align with the first selected. Hope this helps.

  3. Steve do you know of a script which will allow me to align points based on the first and last selected points irrespective of XYZ.

    1. Not that I have seen.. Would it be like align to nearest position on line or distance % from either end? Im curious how you decide where to position or is it simply to get it on the same vectors?

  4. I would like all the points to align in a row between the first and last points. I find i have been doing allot of diagonal modeling lately and whilst align to last points position on x,y,z, its no good if you have a diagonal plane or such. I mean the plane is a normal oblong its just orientated in 3d space diagonally. Yes i could rotate it and then back but i have some buildings that are pretty poly heavy and rotating them all the time is a pain. Of course if we had some really good snap tools in modeler this would help.