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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Arduino Christmas Lights UPDATE - WS2811 / Arduino Mega2560

I have been working non stop on the code ready to be released, I have been able to optimise and improve efficiency and allowed me to get it ready for further features.

"Public Release 'falalalalala' (Mega 2560) v1.0b" is in its final testing and will be released shortly with a new demo video on youtube to come shortly.

Current features include in first release (Public Release 'falalalalala' (Mega 2560) v1.0b) :-

  • Customised effects.
  • Colour selections.
  • Consistent and time accurate effects for smoother playback at 20 frames per second.
  • Auto-save feature to update automatically when a user changes settings.
  • 128x32 OLED display.
  • 3 button interface.
  • Stack based effects tree (this is to get ready for further expansion)
Features coming :-

  • SD card access.
  • Scripting language.
  • Playback of text written effects.
  • Audio interaction and playback.
  • Custom effects created on board via stack.
I appreciate your time and patience as I wish to give everyone a magical experience and many happy Christmas trees and smiling faces.



  1. Hello,
    How are you?
    Do you think you're going to release the source code this Christmas?


    1. See for update.

  2. Definately you have done so much research for this blog,very informative .I would definitely follow you in future. Fortool box in future i definately use your idea.