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Friday, 10 February 2012

LScript - Modeler_Cable

LScript (Modeler) creates cables between selected points. You can select more than two points to make it create multiple cables.

All cables are UV Mapped and fully setup for animation in LightWave by just cutting and pasting the two point polys (Surface:DYNAMIC) to one layer and the cables (surface:Cable) in the next layer parenting cables to the Dynamic layer. It was designed to be converted to subdivision surfaces for rendering.


  • Added control reset
  • Realtime Preview

Compatible with Newtek LightWave 9.6 and above.

Download (.lsc)
Download - sourcecode (.ls)


  1. Can you add the ability to make something other than square cable? Looks nice from far away but cables are normally round.

  2. I originally wrote it to be converted to subdivision surfaces (SubD's) for rendering and animating. Hope that helps clear up why they are generated box like.

  3. A small but useful stroke of genius. Thanks indeed.

  4. Soooo very cool and much needed~ Thank you sir!

  5. Definitly usefull! Thank you for your work! I'm actualy making cables between buildings, good timing!

  6. great tool. thank you so much for sharing! is there a way to avoid the rotation of mesh? see screenshot here:


    markus (3dworks on LW forums)