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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

LScript - Motion_Wheel&Axle

LScript (Layout) to make an object rotate around its axle dynamically on collision with a plane. Objects to be used must be designed to rotate around there pivot on its B Axis. This then allows key control over any other axis.*Master_MotionBaker compatible.


  • Scaling on X,Y are averaged if not equal
  • Objects to rotate must rotate around center on B axis
  • Roughness has been added to add noise to surface friction
  • Fully validated and interactive interface
  • Fully implemented envelopes for animating all controls
  • Gizmo implemented to improve setting up
  • Presets added for damping, friction and roughness
  • *Motion Baking implemented for quicker playback and network baking
  • Motion blur is correctly calculated
  • Realtime dynamicly calculated with momentum, friction, roughness, damping, braking and acceleration
  • Fixed "Automatic" to retrieve correct bounding box extents
  • Added Lock / Unlock
  • Bake feature can now be used via Master_MotionBaker
  • Fixed judder under extreme circumstances

Compatible with Newtek LightWave 9.6 and above.

Download (.lsc)
Download - sourcecode (.ls)

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