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Monday, 11 March 2013

LScript - Image_DigitalArtifacts

LScript (Layout) to create compressed video artifact effect.

Compatible with Newtek LightWave 9.6 and above.

Download (.lsc)
Download - sourcecode (.ls)


  1. Cool lscript, thank you.

    Would it possible to add envelopes, to be able to animate the blockiness over time?

    1. Do you mean opacity of the effect, or just the controls? The only control that would be difficult to change would be block size due it it needing to change array sizes and data would be lost. Otherwise, I could make it have envelopes. Maybe add opacity as well tho that will slow down processing?


    2. It would be the size of the blocks (Block Size) that would be cool to be able to animate over time.
      I guess it would be like a zoom effect into an image so the blocky pixels look like they are getting bigger.

    3. This is an old script so what I'll do is create a quick script to generate block effects since to be able to change block size would require a slight rewrite to implement. I'll sort an example of it over tomorrow.