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Monday, 18 February 2013

LScript - Generic_BoxRig (v1.1)

LScript (Layout) to rig a box so that it can pivot upon its edges and corners. This script sets up the hiearchy and expressions required ready for animation upon any selected objects.

Use "Parent" null to position and rotate box and "Control" null to animate using the rig.

  • Under LightWave 11 Item Shape is broken due to changes in comring
  • Fixed parenting (v1.1)
  • Objects require pivot to be resting on ground and centre of object
  • Does not work on clones due to expressions
  • Fixed getting correct boundingbox extents from layers
  • Fixed Parent in Place issues
  • Fixed offset when pivot not at bottom of object
Compatible with Newtek LightWave 9.6 up and prior to 11.0.

Download (.lsc)
Download - sourcecode (.ls)

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